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The clean, crisp design of the white kit, adorned with the iconic navy blue cockerel emblem, represent the club’s elegance perfectly.Spurs, in their white jerseys, are also admired for their commitment to stylish and attacking soccer. This philosophy has become a part of the club’s DNA. In every country, the master trainers thought that Anderson and Smith were actors first and fighters second. They were also the first English club to win the double of the League and FA Cup in the 1960-61 season. Tottenham hold several records for firsts in English soccer. Some people claim that racial profiling is blatant, institutionalized racism that leads to unfair harassment of minorities, while others claim that racial profiling either doesn’t exist (i.e., police officers harass criminals, and if they happen to be minorities, germany jersey 2024-25 that isn’t the officers’ fault) or that it is a necessary tool that simply reflects reality.